Pain and contractions work in the production of films


I have read that labor pains and contractions during pregnancy are pains that are part of the work process that prepares the body to give birth. There is much more at stake during pregnancy and childbirth. Ask any woman who has given birth to have a direct idea.

Professional pains and contractions in the production of films are part of the creative process of giving birth to a movie. Ask any movie producer to experience pain and labor contractions that lead to a baby movie born to be honest, uncensored.

Pains and professional contractions in the cinema can be considered the changes that must be made during the pre-production, shooting and post-production. Several parts are still moving when you make a movie.

The pain and contractions of childbirth creation contribute to improving the film, even if it does not feel like it at the moment. It is surprising that your mind focused when you are forced to a position where you have to rewrite a scene, working to lose a player or other production problems that you must resolve to move forward.

This is not ideal when something out of your control happens to keep the film flat, but making movies is not something that is smooth or completely planned.