Paint protective films for your vehicle

To avoid bites and rock splinters on the front of the car, the traditional solution was to install a custom black vinyl bra or you just have to wait until the bumper is badly damaged and peignez- it. No solution has been very interesting. Now there is an answer to all the problems of oil and road waste. It is generically called the paint protection film. Several well-known names are in the business of making the film Avery, 3M, Venture Llumar. The original developer of the film was 3M and was used in the Korean War to protect the rotor blades from a helicopter. Then 3M was redesigned for application to the front bumper and vehicle hoods.

With an improved design to adapt the film for the automotive industry, the idea took off. The concept was unbeatable. Car owners can now apply the film to bumpers and hoods, and drive the vehicle anywhere without worrying about having a stone chip in their $ 100,000 Ferrari. Initially, each installation has been customized from a caliber of the roll and the paint applied with care. It was a long time and requires a lot of experience. The idea took some time to sink into the main vehicles. As demand for protection increased, new companies exposed design kits that could be cut into a plotter and applied to the car. Therefore, another segment of the protective film of the paint industry was born. The last part of the puzzle was to have a network of independent and specialized installers. Unfortunately, the industry suffers from a lack of qualified technicians.

Most films in the industry have a 5 year warranty against fading or clarity factors related to the film becoming cloudy or opaque. More of a problem from previous car movies, which was one of the initial problems. In the shot, the film is removed each year and replaced with a new part. In a vehicle, most people wanted a protection that did not need to be removed and re-applied so manufacturers have gone to work to redefine the film to maintain its brightness for 5 years. Now movies have a 7-year guarantee on clarity stability.

The film has never had problems with its members principles. It does not come out or it does not come out. Although the film does not require any special treatment, it should be treated by regular waxing. In addition, keeping the car in the garage during the night will extend the film’s brightness and paint job of the vehicles. The entire film requires good vehicle maintenance. This should include waxing the car 3-4 times a year and regular weekly or biweekly washes.