Performance National Arts Center

The recently opened National Arts Center Performing Arts, formerly known as the National Grand Theater of China, is the largest art center in running the world. It has the shape of an enormous silver dome in the heart of the Chinese capital which offers performances of Chinese and international art of the highest standards. Hosts opera, ballet, music, dance, theater and traditional Chinese shows.

Located west of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the National Art Performance Center occupies an area of ​​more than 149,500 square meters. There are three gigantic rooms inside: an opera with 2416 seats, a concert hall with 2,017 seats and a theater with 1,040 seats. Its goal is to become the center of the culture of Chinese artistic performance. The National Center for the Performing Arts has nearly five years to build at a cost of more than 2.69 million RMB.

Designed by renowned French architect Paul Andreu, this imposing building is a fine example of modern architecture. It was thought that resembles an eggshell a baozi (Chinese steamed bread), or even a giant bubble. The National Performance Center is among the top ten architectural miracles of the United States, for its design of energy saving and environmental. The center first has three: the largest sky dome in the world, the deepest building in Beijing, and home to the largest pine organ in Asia. As its prompters said, the National Performance Center has a dazzling lush interior, sophisticated acoustics and design that is superior to most performing arts centers in Europe or America. This building is so unique that it stands out from government buildings near Beijing city center and the imperial grandeur of the Centennial Forbidden City.

The interior design of the Performance National Arts Center, is quite spectacular. The interior of the dome is covered with long stretches of Brazilian mahogany, giving the extent of an incredibly warm feeling. While the walls of the theater, the smallest of performance spaces, are covered with thick quilted silk which is divided into red, purple and mandarin stripes. The roof of the gray white concert hall consists of undulating waves of acoustic panels that resemble abstract art. In the outer envelope of the center, there are more than 500 lights that shine like stars in the sky, the National Center of Scenic Arts resembles a visitor of space.