Posture makes Photogenic appear

You can have many photogenic poses to get one of the best. But do not worry, if you feel uncomfortable and awkward never be photographed, you are not alone.
1. On the basis of a wall of color
If you find a wall or backdrop with interesting colors, you automatically get more relaxed posing in front of it.
2. dress or skirt
Playing with a dress or skirt becomes very nice. Again, colored walls will help better
3. Wear sunglasses
If the problem is in the eyes, sunglasses is certainly one thing that can help you make a photogenic pose.
4. Put your hand in your pocket
The key is to smile and do not look directly at the camera, will give the effect that makes it cooler.
5. Balance your bag
This will give the task to accomplish, if you still have questions about how and where to place his photogenic hands poses.
6. Walk slowly
For the best pose, do not sit down stiffly. You can walk, dance and let the photographers take the best time ….