Produce maximum performance

New industry players seldom seek advice on how to be more effective as an expert. Their objectives are out of place and separate from what is really relevant to their vocation, that of being competent and professional artists. Instead, they become obsessed with the art of the profession, how to get an agent, get into the Union and get job interviews. In addition, the fantastic aspirations of distance company realities.

The most important is the desire to discover. What are the chances of that happening? Another fantasy is that everything will fall into place severe if I stay long enough. Such people do not realize that professional actors are hired and paid modest sums as they are good at their job. This is not because they have an attractive promotional agent or package. This is because they can deliver strong professional performance, and do so on several occasions.

Often, players are caught up in the detail of the industry and, instead of being specific about their goals, they become food for an outdated educational system that consumes their hopes and savings. They were in charge of workshops, photographic and performance sessions. Overthrow ambition and optimistic mediocrity. Regardless of your efforts are to become qualified and consumed actors. Undecided, they follow the pack instead of looking for a pragmatic path for a career.

By planning objectives, we activate the knowledge and strategies that help us to advance cognitive. We see what is relevant and what is not. We also see what is the most important and find ways to prioritize our plan. In the same way, the objectives that give us energy and encourage a greater effort. This allows our persistence and perseverance to meet our goals.

Setting goals that lead to superior performance requires thoughtful planning and careful planning. There are many things to consider. An obstacle that hinders our inability to see the interconnection steps necessary to reach a goal. We see the starting line and the destination line, but little of what is between them. So any goal setting plan should be more than the ultimate goal. Obstacles, useful resources, trampolines and self-imposed deadlines should be addressed.