Prohibited ally of a movie poster and a trailer for teaching languages

The current age is full of various media. In the area of ​​a movie, trailers, posters, acts or scenes, still images, opening and closing credits, musical notes, scripts, cinematography, scripts, live ads or promotions, songs and music videos are authentic classic materials Which can be employed in the teaching process of teachers who create ingenious creative tasks aligned with learning objectives.

This perception of the use of modern inputs dealing specifically to encourage language teachers to use the various practical activities in the classroom. With the use of movie posters and trailers as tickets, interactive collaborative classes are developed.

In addition, these two inputs are viable authentic materials for language teaching based on the concept of Richards (2001) describes in his book, development of language teaching programs. In his book, he articulates authentic materials to help students understand the connection between the language being taught in the classroom and the language used in the real world. Like other appropriate authentic materials, the poster and trailer of the film motivate the student’s interests. Both materials contain applicable social and educational information that can be explored in the classroom. They also provide knowledge to students in teaching average English.

In addition, there are important interactions between these two materials since the initial management of the movie poster shows the contents of the trailer with interactive activities. Interactive activities related to collaborative tasks require students to use their skills such as visualization, reading, listening, reading and writing along with the content of language functions.

The method of using these two materials will start with the movie poster as a way of knowing scaffolding. Some of the possible activities on film posters in conjunction with macro capabilities, use of language and expressions used as target languages ​​are illustrated individually.

Activity Movie Posters

Initially, students classify the genre of animated action film posters, science fiction, adventures, action and adventure, documentary, comedy or drama through posters presented. A poster of the film will be chosen by the teacher to be used for movie posters and activities. The teacher will present an exercise of discussion to predict or guess the doubts modal expressions.