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Cocaine and Other Drug Addiction and Suicide

Cocaine addiction and other drug addiction for that matter are prevalent no matter where you go, no matter how you see it. It is sad to say that depression is not only common to old people but also to teenagers and to the much younger group of people. Needless to say, cocaine addiction is a very bad thing and has a very bad effect on the people using it and on the people around them. Drug abuse is an uncontrollable problem for most of the countries and it is undeniable that this problem is causing a huge toll on their part.

One of the many reasons that make drug addiction a very fearsome thing is that people who are into illegal drugs actually commit crimes. In fact, teenagers who are drug users often get into riots and meaningless fights where they end up killing each other. One of the major causes of this drug addiction is depression that stemmed from family problems, bullying, financial problems, breakups, failure in school, and extreme physical pain which people who are experiencing these feel like it’s torture worse than death. The problem is these people cannot communicate and express their loneliness and think that they do not have someone to share their problems with, so they turn to drugs, they commit crimes and end up destroying themselves.

On the other hand, depression from both family and financial problems are the cause of suicide and drug addiction, although some use illegal drugs for the fun of it. Men specifically turn to drugs or commit suicide if they think that they can no longer feed their families, or if they think it unbearable to live after a death of a loved one. Another sad thing is that, when a man is left with no other choice, he commits suicide because the money from his insurance will be able to support his family at the very least and they think that it’s better than nothing. But even if that is not the case, several factors have been enough to push people into committing suicide. On the other hand, those who cannot bring themselves to commit suicide turn to drugs as a means of escape.

One of the best solutions in eradicating cocaine addiction (and other drug addiction thereof) is through rehabilitation. Drug addicts who want to change but can’t seem to stop their bad habits are taken into rehabilitation centers and are treated there to finally become productive citizens of their country.
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