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Obstacle the violent break and grab Robos

A thief can break windows and steal their valuables; Computers, tools, jewelry, … CBI in a matter of minutes. When a transparent safety film is applied to the inside surface of the glass, it can help keep the glass fragments together on the surface of the film while the glass is kept in the frame. This results in varying degrees of protection and safety according to the construction of the film chosen for the job, as well as the type of glass and frame. Very often a necessary part of the security film installation is a support of an additional structure around the perimeter of the frame. One product that accomplishes this is our Flex film system. The safety window film keeps the glass broken together if, but the Flex Film system keeps the film / glass combination enclosed within the perimeter of the frame.

Safety sheet operation

The safety film works by ensuring that the ultra-aggressive patented adhesive film forms a molecular bond for the glass and for holding together even after multiple impacts. While the glass can break or crack, it remains attached to the film and, in most cases, is still intact in its frame. The tensile strength, combined with the elasticity of the film and the resistance to cutting tools, eliminates the risk of objects that penetrate the glass and film.

Use a security film with alarms

When the security window film is used in conjunction with certain alarm, the alarm is triggered with the first hit in which the glass is broken access is still denied. Repeated attempts to create more noise and take more time before it was accessed. Since most seizures and seizures occur within minutes, the delay factor and noise that arises are usually enough to scare most thieves for easier targets.

Protection during disasters

One of the main causes of injury is the impact of man on the glass. The Cristal-Gard safety film virtually reduces and eliminates injuries of this type. The man with the glass covers direct impacts, such as falls or through a window and a flight glass due to explosions and natural disasters. Glass-Gard is fast becoming the tool of choice for the preparation of earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.

Other advantages of glass-Gard

Other advantages of the Glass-Gard include reducing fading and protection against UV rays. Glass-Gard is also available in polarized and reflective varieties adding to the list of benefits; Reduced brightness, greater comfort, potential energy savings and greater reduction of soda.

Protection against damage, crime, destruction and loss of

Ordinary glass is the most vulnerable part of your home, office building or car. But with our security film and security window applied, the crystal turns into a barrier 24 hours 24 against accidental falls, delinquents, vandals, violent storms, hurricanes and earthquakes, and even industrial explosions and terrorists.