So you say you want to be discovered Eh? – Advice for the new player


Here are some tips for the new player

Sometimes people “discovered”. How often does it occur? To answer this question. Here is another. What are the odds of winning the lottery?

Going out is like striking the lottery luck, so to speak.

On the other hand, there is a saying that I really like, which says:

“The more I am prepared, the more I am lucky.”

That said, if you really want to be discovered, you have to position yourself to be discovered. You have to work hard to build a base.
You have probably heard that it is a difficult profession to follow and it is not the truth. If you have a method and a strong character, you can succeed. I have been in touch with the youngest and oldest aspirants and new players in recent years and I was inspired to write a book for them

Many successful people from different backgrounds and successful players have the following things in common or have done very well. That’s my advice to you.

4 key areas

1. YOU: know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, resources you have (not only financial, but intellectuals, skills, abilities, talents, etc.)
Find out what you want from your life first (in particular). See how action is part of that. Then find out what you want from your acting career. (Specifically) Doing these two things will help you save time, effort and maybe even money on the road.

2. Your attitude: Extend your creativity to invent ways to place the presence of your competition and find new ways to promote.
BIGGIE! Figure out what motivates and learn to stay motivated to do the things you need and help you deal with the rejection you will inevitably encounter in this business. Learn to develop a strong sense of perseverance if you have not. There is a lot to see and you have to be motivated or you are going to have problems.

3. YOUR PLAN: Put in place a solid plan that will give you access to the one that you want to go in your career and have a real chance to achieve the success you want and stick to it. Learn to plan effectively.

4. YOUR BUSINESS: Find out what professional skills you need to manage your business to be an actor. You are an actor. You are a company. And you are a business. You are the CEO of this company. You will be a free lance professional. You have a product and that product is you. You must know how to market it, how to sell it and how to create value for those who “invest” in you.