Superhero movies are on the way

Now, if the title does not bother some people, I do not know what it will be, but recently Matthew Vaughn, the director behind “Kick-ass” and the man who directs superhero movies “X-Men: First Class” One has said he believes the current number of superhero based films will end soon. He gives his reasons that include the quality of some of these films and that he believes the public is tired of one superhero movie after another. But then there’s a kind of irony here for a man who runs a superhero movie to say that basically the end is near.

But while it’s ironic, I must say I agree with Matthew Vaughn and I think the recent popularity of superhero movies could be ready within a year or two. Why, then, look at the facts.

Where to choose

Superhero movies are not new, they are decades until the 1940s with “Captain Marvel Adventures”, “The Ghost” and “Superman.” When I was growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s, Christopher Reeve was involved in “Superman” and came the movie “Batman”, but in fact it was that. But we’ve never had so many superhero movies that made their way onto the big screen.

While many probably mouth watering all these superhero adaptations and comics, this means that where once they were loyal to a superhero, their loyalties are now being evaluated, forced to split up between several and they are so far their loyalties are Can divide. Simply because if you’re a fan of Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine and Iron Man say when you look at Thor, Captain America and Green Hornet, you have trouble embracing.

the same

Now I know what I’m going to say, will encourage comic book fans, but many superhero movies are too similar. Yes, each individual character may have a special power, costume or background story, but the stories usually follow a very similar path that sees the creation of this superhero followed by a battle with an enemy or in the case of some multiple NEMIS. Which is adorned by Action bits and CGI.