Sydney cinemas in historic buildings

In operation since 1935, the Orpheum is a testimony to the beautiful art deco design and craftsmanship. When the Orpheum was built was also used as a theater and had a stage, behind the scenes of the locker room, a pit orchestra, and could have 1,735 members of the public on two levels. After being sold to commercial property developers, the theater was separated and became a shopping mall. However, in 1986, the theater was purchased by Mike Walsh OBE and restored to its former glory. Now, this complex of six movie theaters showing everything from the classic big screen box-office box office success. And you can still enjoy live music on the Wurlitzer organ weekend.

Where: Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, 380 Military Road, Cremorne

Screens: new versions, worship of re-editions, long songs, classics of silver screen

The Ritz

This list of film heritage whose family was built in 1937 and is one of the two original art deco theaters left in Sydney. The original single screen cinema had several owners ranging from the Cinema Hoyts group to Sisters Brigidine until in 1993, when the owners planned to demolish the site, the Town of Randwick intervened and imposed a preservation order permed. Since then, they have added five additional screens by The Ritz one of Sydney’s oldest multiplexes. It is known for its beautiful architecture and cheap ticket prices.

Where: 45 St-Paul Street, Randwick

Screens: New, art films, plays and opera

Roseville Attractions

The Roseville movie was originally built as a Hall and was used for dances and holidays. At the beginning of the First World War, was the location of the first recruitment campaign in Australia. At the end of the First World War, the building was converted Traynor Palace. This 500-seat theater has always been a family-owned business and is currently owned by Hans van Pinxteren and his family, who have been present for two generations. Roseville Cinema has withstood the invasion of multiplexes and a cinema is now two screens with the latest digital technology.

Where: 112 Pacific Highway, Roseville

Screens: Art News and Films

Golden Age Movie & Bar

Golden Age Theater is in Paramount House, a Sydney 40s icon that was once the projection room of Paramount Pictures. It has been restored with care and now includes a wonderfully decadent bar with a wide range of wines, beers and cocktails and snacks and lunch dishes to coincide with the film program. In addition, the Golden Stage building offers live music and entertainment. A trip to the Golden Age cinema is an experience that the brilliant history of the building.