The Actor’s Costum

For those in the movie industry, the closet refers to the costume or a player’s dress, an interpreter or additional clothing during a television or set of movies. These outfits can be everyday clothes to store these costumes suits made from scratch.

When an actor plays a role, he will fill out and complete a cast form with his personal information, body sizes and measurements. When you reserve the paper for the actor, this information is sent to the office / wardrobe department and / or telephone call is made immediately to the actor to examine or collect your information, including measures. The actor should have this information available, even though it was presented at the hearing / recovery. A measure of the sheet is necessary for all interested parties or those coming out of the main audiences.

After the designer / wardrobe assistant talked about the actor (father of the child actors) by phone and deleted his information, they bought the size of the weapon that the player is in a mall if a local daily dress should be Used to shoot or plan a VA setting for the actor and try different products in stock or parts. If the attendees bought the stores in the mall, the actor will be called again, but this time to plan a wardrobe suitable for production office in the costume department.

The costume design programmed by the costume assistant will be for a convenient day and time for both parties. The actor will arrive 15 minutes early to adjust and bring any clothing that was asked by the costume assistant. This is often the case with ad accessories. A player might ask to wear a pair of dress shoes or running shoes, belt, jacket, etc. If the closet is used in advertising, the production pay a fee to rent this actor’s item. This action usually rewards the player with an additional payment. Clothing and / or special equipment are rented to be around $ 25.

Little by little, as payment is made, players receive a payment for their participation in costume accessories. They are paid for a 2 hour call, but it usually takes less than an hour to complete. Sometimes an actor will participate in numerous closet accessories, especially if he has his suit for them. As the actor try different outfits, different combinations of costumes or ideas for original pieces, a photo will be taken of the actor in each team. These photos are sent to the director and / or producer for final approval. The director can choose a suit or suits in these photos or ask the designer to offer other options or suggestions.