The best apps movies on Android smartphones that everyone should have!


How are you? I hope the weather is good there. I know you love Android, but maybe you like the movies too! Nowadays we reveal great movies 3 applications every movie fan should have on your phone. Come on!

1) Run Pee

Running Pee is truly one of the most practical movie applications anyone can have on their phone. My favorite feature is that this application allows you to set an alarm to tell you when is the best time to go to the bathroom so you do not miss a large part of the movie. In addition, the application also includes a brief summary of what has been lost during your activity. Imagine that you go to the bathroom just to go and visit, you realize that you have lost the best part of the movie. A waste of money! Now you do not want to, do you?

Also, remember these extra end-to-end scenes in the fun Monster Inc? Some movies have extras that deserve to be seen. And this prompt tells you if the movie you are watching contains extras you want to watch. Awesome!

2) Movies and TV Ratings

Trailers, images, cases, shows times, ratings, comments and much more – all included in the IMDb organization. If you are a movie fan, this is a holy grail for you. With the touch of a finger you can know all the details for any movie in the cinema. You are allowed to buy your favorite movies using Amazon. Amazing. I’m sure some of you have heard of this app. If you are looking for a better movie app, remember more. He found it.

3) Crackle

Want to turn your phone into a mini movie screen? Now you can! With crackling, you can watch pretty good movies (I’m not talking about Yucky old movies here) on your phone. There are movies like The Panic Room, they do not spoil with the Zohan, etc. You can share the love and the movies you’ve seen before. In addition, it has a clean interface, clean and easy to use. Since there are few ads in the app and you can not see the latest blockbuster movie, but it is still one of the best applications Android movies broadcast on Google Play. In addition, a fast Internet connection is preferred since we broadcast movies here.


Now, there are millions of movie apps on Google Play, but these apps are going to do a great job to satisfy your cravings movies. So there they have guys, the best movie apps on Android! Now you are an expert in the movie! To have pleasure.