The history of the Association of films in the cinema with popcorn and vice versa

Blockbuster summer movies are at the end as we approach the fall. Throughout the movie many visits Have you ever wondered why popcorn is the basic function in movie theaters, no matter where you go? Or maybe you wondered why the idea of ​​going to the movies to see a movie sometimes causes the idea of ​​eating popcorn even before entering the movie theater complex. If you are like me and are curious about the culture of cinema and corn popcades wedding, keep reading.

Selling corn masons have transported their tanks to places of high human traffic, which on previous days were carnival, vaudeville, burlesque and entertainment lovers. When the arrival of “moving” movie theaters came, people were fascinated and visited these places in numbers. Where there are a large number of people, the popcorn vendors should be.

The owners of the original movie house have rejected the idea that their plush and fantasy film sites softened and become sticky with sweet popcorn and other sweets. Despite their efforts to avoid popcorn and other sweets to enter their premises, these products continue to enter their premises. In addition, there were many people who were laid off during movies to quickly dig out to buy popcorn and bring food.

An important factor for the popularity of popcorn purchases was due to the low price for a delicious and full treat to accompany their cheap entertainment, especially since the popularity of movie theaters occurred during the era of depression, capture Of a movie and having popcorn with family or friends was an affordable luxury. World War II and sugar were rationed, but popcorn cookies persisted as a favorite, as it was considered more nutritious compared to other sweets, as well as preferred outlet.

Some room owners realized that no matter what they tried, they could not prevent people having their mild treatment. So if you can not with them, join them! Why let popcorn vendors and other confectionery rake in profits? Therefore, some movie house owners began to install their own awesome machines, and soon realized that their profits have increased considerably. Realizing this, some places have reduced their ticket prices to attract viewers who still buy popcorn, which increased the number of customers. Movie owners who have not installed popcorn machines lost their grief and soon found themselves out of business!