The image Fatal woman in the cinema

Some scientists first have women relegated to a category somewhere above the apes, but below men, and the poet Milton noted that women are “only a defect of nature”

However, it is the pseudo-scientific notions about the variability and vulnerability of women and were used to justify sexism and discrimination in society. Perhaps for these frustrations raised the concept of a woman who defied her stereotype and put on someone’s clothing that is just the opposite of the popular idea that it was more or less forced it. The fatal female phrase in French means “Deadly Women” and was created to project a Social-Democrat revolt against the oppression of the Victorian era, when women were forced into a corset and pushed to claustrophobia and ideologies an introverted world narrowed. He took an avatar of a woman who was created to break the hearts of men and conduct themselves in a world of sunlight. These fatal women are allowed to have everything; Power, sexuality, femininity and wealth, but they still want to love and often know a bad ending because they defied conventions. The astonished man, who had previously created an ideal woman of his own imagination, suddenly meet someone he can not control or understand. He calls it “the bad woman”; The woman must die or be banned because she is not the representative of his idealistic image.

Women in Hollywood – The Fatal Woman

Disillusioned and frustrated by men of a circumscribed life, the figure of a fatal femme fatale / vampire emerged as a central figure in the nineteenth century and became one of the most persistent personification of the modern woman. “Who is she?” It was the popular request. And the cryptic answer would be: “She is the woman who never really looks like”

It is the black widow spider that eats its companion of all the life; She ungovernable threatens the male psyche and a woman who defies patriarchal culture vehemently.

The fatal woman was a frequent character in the films of the 1940s as Rita Hayworth The Lady of Shanghai (1948) is the most enigmatic example. It embodies the fatal woman, who was represented as a symptom of anxiety in men. It is a creature that threatens to castrate and devour its male victim. This image of a sexual and dangerous woman is a psychological expression of the inner fears of a man’s sexuality and his need to control and repress.