The life of an actor of character


I spent quality time with my 10 year old niece, Nicole, how the quality of time is defined these days – watching TV – and not in “Zack and Cody” was adorable geek “Boston Common” called simply DC reminded me of her Tag in one episode was “like the city without all the traffic”. Born in Washington, DC, the event inevitably remained in my head, as the skinny boy with the rise of the voice. In fact, it was the voice that triggered the memory, while the man himself now in the tube before I seemed to have grown into his voice. Earlier, of course (only women do not grow old in Hollywood, because they are not allowed), but the hair closed instead of flowing like the 90s, I saw the first and the frame filled as either, after 15 years. And as dean of pompous primary school, it was fun. Fun-EE. Even Nicole laughed out loud when she rebuked Zach (Cody or was it? Is there a difference?) With a mop in a dream sequence. This may sound silly, but it was nice to see it again.

Then a couple of weeks later, he was in “What do we do with Brian?” (Yes, I see.) Judge me if you want, but ask yourself if you’re happy with guilt or two blushing to admit. “You’re the one I want,” someone?) Destroyed the haughty and exciting character of Zack and Cody, And got into the behavior of a lean, selfish boss in Dave Greco, Rick Gomez. It was quite float. “Oh, that guy!” I exclaimed, and I appointed the television, although nobody should be in the room. I just could not help her. I was a fan. There was a guy who was so familiar; Although I do not know his name, I liked his work. Like Richard Jenkins. Before I was six feet below, I always hit his hands with glee when I saw him on the small or large screen. I had not seen “DC Boston Common” in a moment. It was like meeting an old friend again. I wondered where else it might surprise me?

Next time I saw him, pants almost Mie. As a lawyer directly from the White House the “24” Fox, he did not agree with Thomas Lennox Peter MacNichol, trying to give President B. Woodside Wayne Palmer informs. Well, that was crazy. I had to figure out where this was between “Boston Common” for NBC and the fever of the most recent functions. Should you hide under the bed for 15 years or if you just did not look good? In fact, what is the life of a person not famous in the city of mesh? Who are these people who still recognize, but whose names do not spread through the pink press every week? After all, people, those who work continuously, but who do not know the names, are really the people you see most of the time.

After an investigation via the Internet – from “Boston Common” – I first discovered that “DC” was actually DC Douglas. Scrolling through the impressive list of roles in film and television, I realized that I had failed in “ER”, “NYPD Blue”, “Las Vegas”, “Strong Medicine” and a number of other roles had occupied. I quickly moved into their web pages – all five, and found their contact information. Easy. So I called – and there, La Voz. He seemed surprised to hear someone want to interview him. This surprised us, in fact, he laughed aloud – a large and generous boy, impossible to describe or imitate. Higher than you can imagine and strong enough that I remove the ear receiver. But it was a game. “What the hell,” he said. “I do not work for the investigator, do I?”