The Players Fund is here to help players with problems

The Actors Fund is a nonprofit human services organization that was created to provide help to people in the arts and entertainment industry. Sometimes those in this industry can fall into hard times and need a helping hand in order to succeed, although most of us do not usually think of people in the industry as in such a situation. We think of the actors in the film and the people involved in the action who live beyond the norm; However, this is not always the case. This organization works to meet basic needs, if necessary.

The writer’s strike this year has brought many changes in the industry’s involvement. Many actors of film and television actors have faced have no job during this period. This has not only affected the actresses and actors, but also all those who worked in the television and film industry.

The Fund’s actors worked to help these people when they were out of work and relieve some of the tension caused by the situation. However, some jobs lost during the writer strike will not be returned.

The Actors’ Fund was founded in 1882 by Albert Marshman Palmer. It was founded largely because Harrison Gray Fiske, who was the dramatic mirror editor New York and former student of New York University, drew attention to the diversity of issues facing cast members and others in the profession .

In 1892, during a fair held at Madison Square Garden, this organization has been able to raise funds to provide families and individuals with financial assistance, setting up a home fund of actors for those who need a Place to live and scene still burial in a Brooklyn cemetery. In 1980, when the AIDS crisis struck the film industry, the actors’ Fund tried to make it possible to assist thousands of people.

Sometimes actors and needy people working in the film and television industry may need help with financial aid, the cost of medicine and medical supplies, as well as other living expenses. Next, the Actors Fund can help film actors and others in the industry.

This non-profit organization can offer help and assistance to people when they are not able to handle these same situations. The actors and those involved in the industry believe that they must take care of themselves, and this organization has worked diligently to do so.