The sites of the checklist for the actors – actors Your site does more harm than good?

Sites for actors can be an incredible marketing tool that puts a lot of agency work. Or you can close the door as soon as it opens.

Unfortunately, too many sites for actors do more harm than good because they are not well designed or not contain the required information in appropriate formats.

Use this list to make sure your site is up to date an actor.

Websites for actors must be professional.

The last thing you want your site actor to do is work against you. It is imperative that your site is designed professionally. If you must, it is an area that you must hire a professional to do the job. This will become an investment that will pay a lot!

Websites for actors must contain a reel.

You do not have a roll of your work on your site? There is no problem. Start building your work experience and a quality reel early enough.

Do you have a reel on your site? Great work. Is your reel loaded quickly? Loading is it at all! Most sites for actors will have a role in Quicktime format. You’ve seen the big blue “Q” is in the middle of the screen and rarely plays.

I’m a big fan of Flash. It is fast charging, sharpness and universal appearance. There are many inexpensive tools that easily convert the Quicktime file that swelled into a Flash file ready for the web.

Once loaded, try the reel of different computers, not just their own. Have your friends try it on their computers. Make sure it is easily accessible.

Websites for actors must contain headshots.

When listening, more often than not, you get to provide a whim of yourself to a casting director. You definitely have a variety of plans so that you can present the most suitable for the role at hand.

Do you have all your best blows to the head on his site actor? Do you have a thumbnail gallery easily see a link to see everyone in its full size format? Do you use a professional-looking online photo gallery to add a bit of excitement to the experience?

Websites for actors must contain your resume.

Is the curriculum vitae updated on your site? Are you ready to print in style? Are you available for download in pdf, html and / or doc format?