The use of children for tablets to distract their children to the cinema?


As parents, it is inevitable that children’s things interfere. One day a movie hits the big screen you really want to watch and if you do not have a nanny, you will probably be forced to skip the movie or, as a last resort, take the kids with you. If you choose the latter, making a tablet can help make the evening enjoyable for you and the kids.

Depending on the type of movie you are going to watch, it probably will not be suitable for your little one, but this should not stop you from leaving. Imagine that you and your spouse have already made plans to spend a night watching a movie come to theaters in the coming weeks, but when it came time, your nanny in flakes and back. No problem. Dress up your children, hold a blanket, take the tablet with headphones / helmets and hit the door.

The film is rated PG or R rated, it does not matter. The goal is for the kids to be busy and entertained watching the movie on the tablet, while you and your other friendly get up and watch the movies. When you get to the cinema, select a section of seats that seems less disturbing to the other, preferably the back, but that does not matter, because the cover blocks any bright light from the tablet and the headphones / helmets will be the tablet while their Other followers of disturbing films.

Make sure you have already chosen your pre-loaded kids movies on the tablet, or if you have a great data plan, you can Netflix, but be sure to choose a movie that kids want to see. If your children are like most children, then they want popcorn, snacks and / or drinks to make that purchase before entering the big screen, so when you enter the theater and choose your seat, you made one Tent with your child’s coverage (s) so they can be in their own world while watching their secondary film on the tablet.

The coverage should be dark, so do not let light pass. The store should also be enough to not obstruct the view of the customers behind you low, otherwise you sit in your back against the wall. You will no doubt need headphones or headphones so your child does not disturb other movie watchers with the sound of your children’s movie.