The world of film distribution is a difficult place

The world of film distribution is a difficult place. After struggling and sweating to finish a film that is physically and mentally exhausted.

You just want to take a break and rest, but can not finish a movie that is only half the battle. It’s time to enter the world of film distribution.

The distribution of films is a difficult place for new filmmakers in the routine. It is difficult to turn off the creative mind to address the commercial aspect of selling movies.

I have learned the hard way is that the distribution of movies really starts with the promotion and marketing of a film.

Social media is an inexpensive way to get the word out about your movie and create a deadly viral buzz online.

It’s great to go the road of the film festival for its film to be seen by viewers and potential movie buyers, but over the years talking to other filmmakers, there is a common feeling that the Scene of the film festival is too full now.

Wayne Daniells, British director of LiarDice Films told me his last trip to the Cannes International Film Festival was a frenzy of ruthless power.

There was an excess of film producers and had trouble attracting the attention of film distributors.

All in all, Wayne said it was a waste of time and money launching his movie out there. I have heard the same opinion of other filmmakers who are frustrated by the scene of the film festival and do not see anymore as a good way to ensure the distribution of films.

Personally, I like the direct route of contact with the film distributors to see if they are interested in being sent a screener. This is where it helps if you have already promoted and commercialized your online movie with social media.

Film distributors are more interested in acquiring movies that already have a strong online presence.

I am speaking strictly of a true perspective of independent cinema. Budget studio movies are a completely different animal when it comes to the world of film distribution.

Regarding the distribution of films for a film produced by the indie fashion that normally occurs are independent producers and filmmakers take the risk of making the film without any guaranteed distribution agreement of the films in place.

Usually they have to buy to sell it. This has been my personal experience to date. I never created a video content distribution agreement instead.

It is like writing a script in the specifications, but it is a movie. Promoting and marketing a film through the media is an absolute necessity.

Start early before the film is even finished. This way, when you start contacting the film distributors, and have more appeal because people talk about it.