Three easy steps to get your movie actors in

Making movies is a unique experience that gives us the opportunity to perform different functions. One of them is the selection of actors (casting) for a movie. In this step, you must take into account the production conditions and creative direction of the film.

In a large production, there was a global casting department that will be responsible for selecting the actor suggested by the director. In the smaller production, the director himself, along with the producer, chose the actor. In this article we will look at three steps you can take to get a good actor for the production of various sizes.

1. Place advertisement to inform you about your selection.

The first step is to tell the world about what movies do and need an actor. Describe the characteristics you are looking for (gender, age, skin color). An important tip is not to specify the amount of a certain age, but the age range that corresponds to the character you want (between 30 and 40, for example). In this announcement, which explains the benefits offered by the production, if you are going to pay wages, food, transportation, provide a copy of the film to the actor’s portfolio.

If the movie you are looking for volunteers, is described in the advertisement. This will save time and a way to show that you are professional. Finally, put your email or address where applicants must present the materials (photos / video) of your portfolio so you can analyze it. Send this email ad to the theater and casting school agents in your area. In addition, you can place your ads on the sites frequented by the actors. If you want something more spacious, they are also advertised in local newspapers.

2. Establish the have purchased material and choose you love.

After a few days you will receive materials from a variety of actors and actresses. The first step is to configure in your computer or physically, each portfolio in the folder containing the curriculum and the material presented. After doing so, create a folder for each character in the movie and place the material on the actor who can play a role in it.

When everything is ready, look at the actors who appear in the video. If the actor has not posted a video in the portfolio, select part of the text that became the character and ask if you could record the video do the scene and send it to you. Most actors would do it without any problem. That part is very important because of its appearance in different films with theatrical representations (most of its actors will come from the theater) and it is necessary to see if the actor is comfortable acting for the camera.

3. People know the actors and Contract Experience.

After the first two stages and the initial contact with the actors, you already know which of those interested in the film. This is important because, beyond the capacity of an actor, you must believe in the project. Thus, by calling the actor you have chosen for your personal contacts. Schedule a day and sit down for coffee, explain the project, send the script and sign the contract and release form.

Even if your film actors are volunteers, it is important for everyone to sign a contract accepting this type of work. This contract must be specific about what is going to be paid for production and what are the responsibilities of the actors and the production. In addition, the actor must sign a form of image and sound at this time to avoid future problems.