Three features of an actor / actress


There are many characteristics of an actor or actress, but the refinement of the three main features that we must have as an interpreter. First, let me start by saying that the actor in the Greek language is the interpreter, but in this sense he is the one who plays a dramatic character. The actor is in shows and theatrical productions. They participate in syntony and out of Broadway, theater, film, television and even radio. It is said that the action takes place around 534 BC.

The first person known to go on stage and recite the words to someone other than himself is Tespis. Dionisio played the theater. Tespis told his stories in singing, the story of the third person and the dance. You may have heard that the actors are called thespians and this is mainly due to Tespis.

Unlike today, we have put our players in high peaks in the early Middle Ages, actors were not known as a high state. People tend not to make much confidence in the itinerant actor. But now people have become almost obsessed and even worshiped by the actors.

One of the characteristics that a player must have is technique and discipline. You must learn the art forms. You must be familiar with the different styles of performance. There is a method action, an action of presentation and representation, and acting as an opposing class.

You must know the history to know the essence of art. The second characteristic that must have is creativity and freedom of expression. Must be willing to go wrong for art. You have to learn to let go and be free as a child while maintaining constant control of your business.