Uncensored Confessions of an Independent Film Producer

This uncensored confession of an independent film producer is shared with readers who want to be in the entertainment industry, are in the entertainment industry or are fascinated by leisure activities that are developed outside the glamor of celebrities. I am one of many independent film producers who work hard to make movies to fuel their creative passion and pay their bills. The production of independent films remains extremely frustrating and exciting at the same time.

One of the most frustrating tasks of any film producer is to find film backgrounds to produce an independent film that has no known actors associated with the project. You ask the film investors to support a project written by an unknown writer who does not have celebrities in the bank, who is guided visually by a first time director or with limited funds. It is a difficult sale. The world is fascinated with movie celebrities and investors are no different.

You may have a dynamite screenplay, talented unknown actors, a film director with vision and your desire as an independent film producer on your side, but without any chance of finding money in the movie, this will not happen. I found myself in this position as an independent entertainment producer. What have I done?

Honestly, as a producer, I knew there were no stars attached to a project that I had to include visual elements that would lead to a global audience. I started up the aspects of violence, sex and nudity, as they correspond to the two projects I produced. Both scenarios were written to realistically represent important subjects, human faults and graphic content based on the characters who lived sad lives.

Regardless of the type of project you have there, there will be a point, unless you are very wealthy, you will be faced with an independent film producer who will have to give in on what is shown to get an investor movie stand. In one case, I had an interested film investor to say that I wanted the project to have a European flavor to film nudity. She read the script and understood. The scenes of nudity and sex in the camera should be tasteful, but it is hot in his opinion, to attract an international audience of buyers and not just American viewers. I assured her that I would and she invested with her boyfriend.