ways to learn movies

Movies are everywhere.

Their stories, phrases and scenes are part of our culture.

We have all the favorite movies, memorabilia and movies related to, in some cases, movies that help us define our lives. While you can not think about it, the films have probably enriched his life.

The films are stories told in a rich environment. Stories are the way we make sense of the world. They have an immense power of surprise and pleasure; To affect well beyond the entertainment. The stories, well told in the film, can influence our perception of ourselves and change our perspectives of our world. The stories have certainly improved our lives.

Learning is one of the most important parts of life. In fact, the ability to learn in many ways is one of our most human qualities. We learn better when we are in a situation, actively participate in the learning process. Movies can help us learn because we wrapped up in a story. If you’ve already jumped or screamed or cried during a movie, you’ve known the power of the movie.

While most people think movies like entertainment, fun or escape because of their very nature can be much more than that. As stated above, you have probably already become a source of learning in your life.

The rest of this article will provide three specific ways that you can consciously use movies to promote their learning and enrich your life:

Ask questions for reflection

OExplorar your mental filters

OCrear group conversation

OAsking questions of reflection

There are some general questions that may be helpful in examining a film, whether to reflect personally or to trigger a conversation. These questions can be used with a film and can be themselves, the basis of meaningful learning opportunities. These key issues include:

Ø What were your favorite scenes and why?

Or did you like the movie or not and why?

Or if you saw the movie before, how was your experience different movie from the previous display (s)? What hit you identical or different?

O What scenes do you laugh or cry (if any)? Why?

Or What characters, if any, are identified in any way?

Or what about a movie or story reminds him of his life experience?

Or if something will do differently or think differently from watching the movie?

O What information do you get from this movie?

Or what inspires you in this movie?