Ways to Market and Distribute Your Independent Film

One of the many ways to distribute your film is to integrate it into an independent theater. To do this, you have to do the research. First, learn about the types of movies that each play shows. Read your titles and budget types for these movies. This will give you a better idea of ​​whether your movie has a chance to present here.

Make a list of what the theaters in your area, most of these will be much smaller than the large movie theaters that they get used to. Get in touch with them and ask questions about the guidelines for the presentation. Are movies taken through a distributor? How do the movies of an independent film director live themselves? Do you need to fill out an application form any kind?

This would help if you were at a party and your movie is shown here. This gives you credibility and a portfolio to show to theater directors.

Upload video online

Using online sources for your movie is another obvious and easy way to watch the movie. Most sites are free and easy to use. You can not charge for the entrance as in the theater, but it does not cost you more money to promote the movie and make people in the seats. Some theaters also charge you to rent your space, so downloading an online site could be the answer for your movie you noticed.

Some online sites have a limit on the size of your files, depending on the quality that is presented; You have to cut the film into sections. Be sure to edit the movie significantly.

Some sites you can download are: YouTube, Google Cinema, Yahoo Video, Guba and well on your own site. There are others as well as research that are best for you.

If your film is very interesting and receives many hits, you may be interested in the studios or distributors, especially if you are sent a link to your movie.