What is an actor?

An actor is a term that refers to a person who acts or makes a character in a production. The term actor can be applied to different types of performance. For example, an actor can act in a movie. An actor can act in a television program. An actor can act in a theatrical production. Actors can even make voices on radio advertisements or cartoon characters.

In addition to the different types of output performance, there are many different types or categories of actors. There are main actors, actors of character, doubles and extras.

A main actor is the person who played the main role in a production. The main actors can also be called the main actor or star of the show. The plot of the story focuses on leadership, and often the protagonist performs most parts of the speech.

A character actor is an actor who usually plays a supportive role in a production. A character actor can play a one-dimensional, stereotyped character as a “despot” character or a gay stereotype person.

A double is an interpreter who represents a major actor in scenes that may be too dangerous or too revealing to the main actor, as a double body or a double turn.

Extra / background
A supplement is an actor who plays in the background of a scene in order to give the illusion that the scene is real life. An additional actor or background usually have a speaking role, or a very short speaking role.

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