What made you want to be an actor?


What do you think of the action? If you think the action is to be famous, or be in the spotlight of the paparazzi, you are not there for the right reasons. If you are there to shine in the spotlight, you are not there for the right reasons and maybe you should consider a different career. Actors think on a level far deeper than Hollywood glamor, many people dream and still act. Real actors find it easier to beat their competition, because work in their craft never lies.

Some actors do it only as a hobby, a part time job, and for those who craft in a career, it is not easy if you do not have the commitment! As a child, I was very expressive, strong, talkative, passionate and this is my uniqueness that helped my classmates and teachers tell me that I should become an actor and get an agent. I did it! Growing up with acting classes, I have learned more about myself and the way I work in my craft. This is my son as a free spirit who pushed me as an artist. The company can put a brake on people who prevent them from being themselves. Many of us work from nine to five with our daily lives as robots, hide our emotions.

People are turning to action to feel human again, which is why so many people turn to movies and movies. I became an actor to teach people about life and the many scenarios and experiences that accompany it. I am grateful to be honored with the privilege of being paid to express my creativity. I can not imagine doing anything else. I became an actor because that’s what I am. Why do you want to be an actor?

Actors are disciplined artist, understanding the process takes many years. It is important that you know what suits you best. There is no specific way to understand how to create magic is to take what works for you and add it to your work arsenal. Then create your own style. Very successful actors are actors who can shape their brand. Creating unique features that are specific attractive and interesting to the public.