What the guild of screen agents?

The Union of Actors is a union actor that was created in 1933 to represent the actors who interpret the films. Like all actors’ unions, the Actors Guild, or SAG for reasons of brevity protect artists against unfair treatment and ensures that players receive fair and equitable compensation for their work. SAG, the largest of the players’ union, is responsible for establishing the minimum amount of money a player must be paid, also known as the name of the scale. SAG also sets guidelines for working conditions and for the time it takes an actor.

Entering the Actors Guild can be a humbling and emotional experience for many players. Most artists work very hard for many years to become established players. For many, getting a union card, or SAG card means that a player has “arrived” and became a respected professional actor.

SAG how do you help the actors?

The Actors Guild helps artists in many ways. In particular, the SAG offers benefits and a contractual representation and other services that help the actors to pursue their career.

Benefits include:

Or SAG negotiates the minimum rates that its members must be paid for projects recognized by the SAG.

A Gather compensation for artists, when the use of their work is not authorized or misused.

Or health benefits for members

Or pension benefits like pensions and 401k

Interpreters or alert at hearings and other opportunities

Or news alerts

How do I join SAG?

Members of SAG is not usually easy. Joining SAG requires that a candidate has worked on a film project recognized by the SAG. The problem is that a player can not work on a recognized SAG movie project if he is not a member of the SAG. However, there are several ways to join a union even if you are not a member of:

O A player can join SAG through the Taft-Hartley Act, which allows a player to work on a project recognized by the SAG for 30 days, even if he is not a member.