Who can be a good actor in theater?

Astronaut, cowboy, police officer, soldier, president, actor and singer, are all very popular with children when adults ask them what they want to be when they grow up. In general, everyone wants to be famous when they grow up, and kids immediately think of actors and singers when they think celebrities. So there are many aspiring actors in children, but few of these children actually live their childhood dreams of becoming actors and actresses. After all, if all children can grow and be what they wanted to be in childhood, we would have millions and millions of actors, astronauts and presidents.

What is a good theater actor?

Many people mistakenly believe that the life of a theater actor is glamor and brilliance, and actors lead a peaceful life and want a lifestyle. However, like many other things, people tend to see only the outer layer of the life of the actors of the theater, which often includes parties and receptions of glamor, shows, interviews, talk shows, etc. However, most Of the theater actors do not lead lifestyles of glamor. Most of them are workers; People who work hard to earn what they can; And those who must constantly work to improve their skills if they want to continue in their profession.

Determination and sense of self-esteem as the most important personality traits

A good stage actor must have a strong will and determination and a sense of self-esteem that can never be shaken by anything in the world. Without these traits, you can never be a good and successful actor. This is easily explained by an example. That is, it is easy to imagine an actor trying to get a role, a role in a play, and the actors are not successful this week to week. All the audiences in which players take place get elected by another person for the role, so the actor spent weeks and weeks without work. Now, most players in that position have to look for work in another way, they end up giving up their dream of theater actors. Therefore, it is easy to see that determination and self-esteem are very important factors.

The financial aspect

Yes, actors usually generate a lot of money, but theater actors are usually enough, or even less. Namely, the theater is not as popular as it was, and apart from a dozen cities in the world, any city or town is difficult to do as a theater actor. Unlike movie actors who can make a movie and live the rest of their lives if this movie or show is a success, theater actors must work until they have enough to retire, and this usually leads to their Late sixties or early seventies.