Who decides what should be the style of an actor’s head?

What I mean by this question is “the general style” headshot. If the headshot is simply head and shoulders, if you cut firmly, we can cut-off my head, we should take to include more of the torso like headshots in the US, if you have strong shadows if only You can see half of the face, if largely retouched to give skin tones almost unreal as some photographers like?

As actors photographers in London I have to meet the demands of my clients – actors, so I have to understand what the market wants – agents, casting directors, etc., and I have to fulfill my own creativity within these borders.

Am I right to discourage a player in the UK want an American style headshot? Sometimes my clients come up with ideas for websites or magazines and want a similar melee attack them because they like the feeling of shooting and want to look like the actor in this plan. Similarly, some actors saw blows that are badly cut -in very close to the face fills the frame of this style. It has also been a growing trend to “cut-off” up the trend of the head lately – I often wonder why?

I think my main duty is to my client and give them what they want in a whim. However, I say this picture of players who are new to the company and who have very little knowledge about how the industry works, – I consider extremely important advising these clients and offering my knowledge and experience On what is good, what works best for them and ultimately what will make you noticed by the right people. On a slightly different note; I am surprised how little preparation are the actors when they graduate from schools, colleges and universities on this side of the business. They may have good performing skills and be well versed in the different methods of action but are often ill-prepared for the business side to act.