Why does the SAG strike!


As you know, the guild the actor began negotiations with film studios to avoid an interruption. At the end of last year, the writers’ union had been on strike for four months, prompting networks like CBS to reorganize its fall range and many other networks to find alternatives for their shows. This inevitably costs the industry hundreds of millions of dollars, according to most analysts. Many viewers were annoyed by not being able to see the new episodes of their favorite shows. However, when it happened, it was no hunting and no darkness. In fact, quite the opposite. There was a very happy group of people. This group was unknown writers. Suddenly they have become important. You know writers who are not unionized.

Suddenly, his work was considered by studies of left and right. The film studios were in contact with the agents, or they went on the websites where the writers can publish their scripts or ideas for shows. It is true that film studios effectively looking for new talent!

We are now at the forefront of another possible attack. Now, it is not with the writers, but the actors. Guild of Actors can hit. This will undoubtedly cost a lot of money to the industry and could put many projects on hold. However, there is a group of people who try to benefit. This person may even be you!

If the Actors Guild strikes it leaves actors who are not union members to fill those roles. That means film studios will be forced to cast unknown actors in their roles. These players can find through traditional means by agents or the new more contemporary fashion by the talented internet websites. What these unknowns were found and will be discarded. Hollywood can not stop because players who are already affected millions. In fact, it will continue. Besides, I think the industry will change forever. If film studios realize that they can continue to find new talent that will actually save money because of the study of hiring costs, they will. Some of the most successful in history have been unknown in the movies.