Why not the eyes headshot this actor?


I was looking for a well-known casting place today and I met a headshot of a guy who was done. I noticed especially because it was a similar shooting style that I do for some of my clients that works just fine. A shot that most of my customers really love.

When I looked at this plan something jumped on me – there were no eyes – what I mean is that the poor actor’s eyes could not be seen. They were simply large black holes in the actor’s face. (Great for a zombie movie, but useless for nothing else.)

I have written several times about how important eyes on a headshot actors. They are essential to make your headshot stand out, are at the center of photography and contain all the emotional content.

Why this photographer had not noticed that there was not enough light on the subjects’ face, why did not they use some type of reflector, it was that they could not be bothered or did not understand The concept of lighting.

Which brings me to another point. Maybe the photographer was cheap and part-time or a friend, anyway should have known they were not doing justice to themselves or themselves. More on the subject in another article.

Return to main point. Why did the photographer do something about it and, more importantly, why did the actor not notice that his eyes could see and say anything to your photographer?