Wireless Home Theater System – How to Set Up a Reliable Wireless Home Theater

With the advances in technology it is increasingly possible to set up a wireless home theater system in your home without having to run a lot of wires around and start running on the walls and ruining your decor.

At the time of writing the technology in our opinion it is not quite good enough for wireless video but wireless audio is definitely a viable solution if you will not look too much at a high-end system.

Home Theater

The reason why wireless video is not viable at the moment is mainly because of the bandwidth needed and the detailed data formats are growing, so it is difficult for the technology to follow. HD content has a lot of information and transmit in real time simply not practical.

At present, you can get wireless projectors and these devices can work as real-time or as a means of charging and reading. The typical content of wireless payload loaded with memory and playback from its internal memory. Devices in real time reproduce literally the content as it is transmitted. In general, there is a small delay between the transmission source and the projector and this means that it is not practical to use this type of transmission for static, such as power point presentations; At present, it can not create a movement with a degree of quality.

It becomes progressively possible on low resolution screens and the proximity of the transmitter to the receiver. How long does it take to see full HD home cinema projectors I’m not sure, but is on the horizon.